Nowadays “cool” has reached a new peak and it is infectious. As infectious as the plague was in the 1350’s Europe, and everyone is coming down with this new found collective idea of coolness and everything related to it.

As for me, I don’t intend to call myself a saint or something who steers clear of the worldly vices and what the common society strives for but I sure as hell stay away from the apparent coolness that comes with smoking.

I am tired of people telling me or passing me a cigarette because A) the circle doesn’t complete because of me, B) it is fun and cool and I ought to feel “that high”.

But here is what I think, firstly the definition of cool for everyone is different. Even though everyone in my group thinks smoking is cool, I just don’t happen to fall under the same category.

I would rather keep a pen or a paintbrush in between my fingers than a cigarette. Secondly, I can’t think of something that harms my health as being cool.

In every friend circle of mine, there are people who smoke and I have no problem with it. It is a choice of lifestyle and I can’t judge a person’s choice, but I can’t stand to start smoking because of peer pressure.

The reasons people start smoking are different. Some smoke to relieve their stress or anxiety, some start because they were influenced to or some start because they think it is trendy or cool to do it.

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Around the world, 90,000 teenagers succumb to this habit and start smoking everyday. And as I said the reasons might be hundred but my opinion on it will never change. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and according to me smoking is an abomination.

The exact reason why I hate it so much is still not clear to me. Maybe I have studied too much of the bad things it does to us, biologically.

Like less fertility, damaged lungs, falling off of teeth, cancer and the likes. It just scares me too much for me to ever consider it.

Also, I think that it is a waste of money. Many people then ask me what I do with that money I save from not smoking.

I obviously never reply to this but I just spend that money on either buying some clothes or stationery and my biggest wealth is my health. As cliché and lame as that sounds but I don’t want to damage my lungs at a faster rate by developing this habit.

I have absolutely no intention of calling out people who smoke and condemn them but I really don’t support it. And these are two very different things.

I am never going to smoke no matter how much anyone tries to convince me to about the coolness that comes with puffing out a cloud of smoke and living my life on the edge that sits between fingers, a symbol of new cool.

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