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Let me begin by asking a simple question, “HOW EVEN?”

What “sane” mind woke up to decide one fine day that he would write two random words out of his exclusive dictionary,  put it on a random model’s picture and call it motivation poetry?

Whoever did it,  didn’t know there would be thousands to follow the “legacy”, he is leaving behind; or probably ‘she’ is leaving behind. (I’m assuming stupidity can’t be gender specific!)

As a student of English literature, I spend days reading the works of Shakespeare and Milton.  

At a certain time, when I abandon my books and gather all my strength to enter the real world, I can’t help but question myself, ‘Is THIS what I left my fictional world for?’

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A random person with a random profile on “YourQuote”, appears on my Instagram home page as #instapoet,  with a random ‘Gyan’ of “Love Yourself Because Nobody Will’, embellished with a pen name of “MotivationQuotes”.

Honestly,  first of all, thank you for reminding me that I’m not lovable at all. Secondly,  my 20 years of build up insecurity sure just blew away when you decided to bless me with your “poetry”.


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not against “artistic expression”, I’m against the definition of poetry you are creating on the minds of the generation that hasn’t read any literature beyond a ‘Baba Yaga’ in class IV and hasn’t heard about any poet except ‘Shakespeare’, thanks to the quick summary of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ available online, before school exams.

If at all,  you’re trying to reach me out after a breakup and telling me, “Don’t Think About Him. He Won’t Come Back”, on a Jennifer Anniston picture; then I must tell you I’m not smart enough to take advices, or I would have taken it when my best friends lectured me.

I could, however, give a suggestion to all these young Instagram poets to install Tik- Tok. Maybe then you’d know the world has enough cancer to cope with.

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