Watch: Top 5 Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow To Get Smart About Your Money

Do more with your money on Instagram

Instagram is way more than just about getting your selfie game on point. People struggling with their finances can now connect with others who have gone through this struggle and get advice from the lucky ones who managed to pull themselves out of their financial crisis. 

As more and more millennials are taking their finances into their own hands, it’s only natural that they are going to look for help. And that’s what social media is for.

Whether it is Google-owned YouTube or Facebook-owned Instagram, content creators and financial influencers educate fist time investors on topics like stocks, the basics of investment, how to save, and little tips and tricks that are helpful in daily life. 

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Here are some must-follow finance influencers, with their finance and budgeting accounts on Instagram, that are packed with practical advice, simple yet important hacks, and even some hilarious memes that one can relate to.

Hope this helps in managing one’s finance in a better and more efficient way. In the comments section below, let us know your experiences, struggles, and how you overcame them. Well, we have all been there and here to help each other out.

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