Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, it has changed the entire world. The corporate culture is also a victim of the same. With people working in the corporate sector having nowhere to go and being stuck inside the four walls of their house, they had to make a shift to work from home.

While some of us are fans of work-from-home culture, many of us are against it and couldn’t wait to step into the office again.

With that being said, one question that arises is whether it affects the progress of our careers.

Work From Home Culture  

As discussed above, work-from-home is appreciated by many and hated by many as well. Mostly, working women are a fan of WFH because in this way they get to work and look after their families as well. In contrast, many feel that WFH is blurring the boundaries between personal lives and professional lives, and both of them get intertwined at certain points.  

Work from home culture

A survey was conducted by LinkedIn known as the LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index which assessed the impact of the pandemic on work culture. The index revealed that out of the 51% of people working from home, 41% of them feel that it is slowing down their career and 46% of them feel that it hampers their work-life balance.

Also, 39% of people have confessed that they have experienced stress due to working at home during the pandemic.

The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on the working culture. 36% of respondents revealed that they weren’t able to focus on work due to children being around them. 28% of working mothers revealed that they were providing childcare full-time and 33% accepted that they had to work outside business hours in order to provide childcare.

Does Work-From-Home Affect Career?

According to the statistics mentioned above, people felt that working from home slowed their careers during the pandemic, and it also blurred personal and professional boundaries.

The CEO of a traveling company, Adam Schwab, told Financial Review, an Australian media portal that though people love to finish work early and indulge in binge-watching Netflix shows, it also results in increased loneliness, isolation, etc. He cited the study conducted by the American Psychiatric Association.

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A content writer has revealed on the internet that people who work from home are discouraged by those who work in the office and are also considered less productive.  

Benefits For Office Goers

There are much more chances for office goers to get promoted as compared to those working from home, even though they are more productive, as they are out of sight, out of mind.

In-office culture

Employees who work from home aren’t also able to build relationships with the management and office staff, and hence, authorities prefer promoting those who work from the office.

Definitely, working from home has its own pros and cons. At times, it is a boon and at times, a bane. 

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