Just as masks and sanitizers became a part of our lives, working from home too changed the professional lifestyle for many. From waking up 5 minutes before an early morning meeting to running errands while on an office call and even attending meetings in your PJs. 

It’s safe to say that almost everyone’s work-life has been like this ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit. The benefits of WFH have been debatable and subjective to each profession, the last two years have made a few companies realize its perks and advantages. 

All employees are vouching for flexibility, increase in productivity, and decrease in travel time, all these that come under WFH. 

For anyone who loves the idea of working from home, here are a few companies that have shifted to permanent WFH. 

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Employees are now accustomed to this new work from home life and they have even realized that most of their work does not even require an office setting. 

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Sources: Money Control, Forbes, India Times, +More 

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