With the world shifting towards Work From Home, a lot of people have complained about their productivity levels dropping because of the lack of an office atmosphere and desk. And it is definitely understandable – you don’t have a proper table or chair at home like the office, the internet may not be fast enough and there are tonnes of other distractions.

This article is meant to be for those struggling to keep their productivity high, bringing you a list of things essential in a WFH environment. Also, I get to flaunt my new desk here! (creepy giggles)

A Proper Desk

A table and chair are the two most essential components of any work environment. If you have a small uncomfortable table, like I used to, a piece of work that should take an hour can take several.  

If you have a bad chair that does not support your back properly while you sit and work long hours, you’ll see the doctor far more frequently, and productivity will naturally go down.

My entire desk set up – the chair, the table and the big lamp, cost me only around Rs. 6,000. Believe me, you should invest in a good desk if you want to keep up with your work schedule and this investment is one you’ll be grateful for, in the long run.

Please ignore the background. Those are my sister’s wall decorations.

Also, having a good lamp that lights up your work area very well is a blessing. Eye strain due to low lighting can cause a lot of problems.

Fast Internet

If you want your WFH days to go smooth and fast, a good internet connection is a necessity. Lag during video calls can hamper communication between teams, especially if you are a manager.

Fast internet will also allow faster backups of your work which, quite frankly, I’ve learnt from horrendous mistakes I’ve made of not keeping backups and losing a month’s worth of work.

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Keep In Mind The Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of work, and ergonomic design is supposed to make your work environment optimal for growth and high productivity. 

This includes ergonomically designed chairs with good support, a laptop or monitor stand to keep the screen at your eye level in order to reduce neck strain and even an ergonomically designed mouse, which lets you click around all day comfortably.

Good Sound System And Webcam

“Can you hear me?” and “Can you see me now?” are the two most used phrases in 2020, because most people have crappy sound systems and webcams. Most people don’t even have sound systems.

Very affordable speakers for Rs. 500 can be bought on Amazon and a webcam for the same cost too. This will allow you to communicate better with your team and keep the workflow going.

Of course, all those meetings can be emails, but what can we do about that?

Check Your Hydration

Keeping yourself hydrated will go a long way, not just for your work life, but also for your health in general. A good water bottle will last a long time and come in handy when you want to drink water, without having to walk all the way to the kitchen. 

A Planner Or Calendar

It is very important to keep track of your time and manage it well since working from home can cause distractions and drive you off track. A simple work planning application like Notion or Trello can help you keep things in order much better.

If you have any other productivity hacks for Work From Home, tell us in the comments below. Hope this year brings you more growth and productivity. P.S., my table is black plywood if anyone’s looking to buy, from IKEA. 

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Sources: Life Hack, YourStory, Forbes

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