Priyanka Chopra Jonas has just released her first book and memoir called ‘Unfinished’ and already it has become a best seller.

Released on 9th February 2021, the book had been in the news for quite some time ever since Chopra announced she was working on it.

The book has been released on both Amazon and in physical stores and already on it has taken the Number 1 bestseller title within 24 hours of its launch.

In interviews, Chopra has stated that the memoir is dedicated to her father who passed away in 2013. Chopra was extremely close to him and even has a tattoo on her wrist in his remembrance.

She has also said that the process of writing this book was quite cathartic and therapeutic for her. This book is apparently an attempt by her to give her story in her own words without the flashy and sensational media giving its own twist to it.

Here I’ve taken a look at some life changing incidents Chopra has written about in her book.

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Has this changed your perception of Chopra in any way? Let us know in the comments below.

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