It has been hard adjusting to the novel lifestyle of the post-COVID world and the greatest difficulty has been the regulation of work and education online. 

With most of the offices back in the game and many colleges opening up… things are slowly returning back to somewhat normal.

But not for students of the Delhi University.

Delhi University Students Still In Lockdown

Unlike other private institutions, the public central Delhi University is still continuing to undertake classes online for the students. 

The students who joined the University during the COVID peak period have not gotten a chance to attend college physically and live the “DU student” life.

Being a student of Delhi University myself, I can assure you that this long break has been both sweet-and-sour for us but now, the students are starting to get disheartened and irritated at home due to the loss of their college years.

It took a while for the students and professors to adjust to the online routine.

Students pranking the teachers, joining classes under false names, creating disturbances were part of the difficulties faced in the online mode of education.

Even though it has now been dull and monotonous, according to the latest news reports the new students a.k.a “the freshers” have managed to cause great trouble again.

First-Year Students Suspended 

According to the report in Times Of India, seven students enrolled in Aryabhatta College of Delhi University have been suspended.

The college decided to suspend these students after a few female students reported their misbehavior during online classes.

The suspension has been set in motion by DU’s disciplinary committee.

A notification was published on Aryabhatta College’s website regarding the suspension of these students, as per the DU rules. 

The principal of the college, Manoj Sinha has confirmed the news and said that “The norms dictate that the notice of suspension has to be uploaded on the website. These students were also counseled so that they did not repeat the misbehavior.”

“The students have already appeared before the disciplinary committee,” said the principal.

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According to DU Updates, this is not the first time that these students have misbehaved. A complaint was earlier lodged with a professor and parents were called when these first-years caused problems for several female students but despite that, they continued with their offensive behavior.

The suspension was a result of intervention by DU’s disciplinary committee. The principal even informed that some complaints were referred to the Internal Complainants Committee (ICC) who handle matters of sexual harassment in Delhi University colleges.

Though the exact details of the case are not given, the involvement of ICC and the disciplinary committee indicated the graveness of the issue. 

Is Suspension Enough?

Cases like these are usually hushed away and not paid much attention to but the disciplinary committee’s involvement has created a positive chain of reaction and given a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated. 

The concern however still remains that would simple one-time counseling and a suspension be sufficient to teach these freshers a lesson? Will they return new and changed? 

These students weren’t attending lectures anyway, all of the Delhi University students are off-campus anyway, so practically speaking, the suspension really doesn’t make much sense. 

Considering that the female students won’t forget this and remain uncomfortable for the rest of their college life, the committee should keep these freshers under close observation and if need be, take even stricter action.

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Sources: Times Of India, DU Updates

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