Watch: 5 Movies To Watch To Better Understand The Stock Market

A little bit of trading never hurt anyone.

The stock exchange has been one of the major methods through which an entire section of people have made truckloads of cash.

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It’s only fair to say that it is a shame that Indian common folk became aware of the treasure trove called stock market as late as it did. The art of speculating on market trends was always considered risky and not something a self-serving, God-fearing man would ever do, especially in a country with 36 million Gods.

The New York Stock Exchange on the (in)famous Wall Street is regarded as the Mecca for stock traders owing to its diverse and ancient history.

Home to the world’s largest stock exchange, Wall Street’s work culture and the tendons of extreme competition has been put to celluloid in numerous movies, and suffice to say, they were as thrilling as real life could ever rival.

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On the other hand, the stock exchange in India has not been met with the same amount of love (or hatred) as it has in the United States, at least on celluloid.

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As unfortunate as it is, the tides have started to turn in favour of more movies based on the stock markets in India.

In the wake of the Abhishek Bacchan starring movie on the Big Bull postponed to release this year, here is a list of movies on the stock market to help you get the hang of the art of speculation.

Here’s hoping for more homegrown movies based on our domestic stock markets- the BSE and the NSE.

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