Watch: 4 Terrifying Criminals And Drug Lords Of India

There are many dreaded and wanted criminals of India who are responsible for the massive increase in crime rates over the years. Some of them have become international criminals wanted by many governments across the world.

Most of them are involved with drug dealing, extortion, murders, running gambling dens and more such things. With such charges looming over their head you won’t expect them to be the charitable kind but underworld kings have a soft spot for charity as well.

Watch this video to know more about 4 terrifying criminals of India.

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The ‘Don of Mumbai’, Karim Lala, is believed to have met Indira Gandhi quite a number of times. In those days, the underworld influenced politics and leadership to a great extent. The influence of the drug underworld on politics of Mumbai ended after his death in 2002.

Their reign of terror lasted quite a while. Dawood Ibrahim is still wanted by many governments from different countries and no one has been able to catch him till now.

Baby Patankar, on the other hand, was arrested at the age of 54 when Rs 2.5 crore worth of drugs was found in the locker of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was also a police constable who was fired from the service and got arrested.

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Sources: Times Now, Hindustan Times, Indian Express

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