The fact that almost every professional industry out there has toxic elements to it is no big secret.

In fact, the very first lessons you learn once you join it permanently is how toxic these environments can get and how to navigate through them and do your job without losing a steady income.

However, that does not mean measures have not been taken to right these wrongs, having a grievance committee and a Human Resource (HR) department are all parts of creating a more healthy and happy work environment.

You’d think that the new age companies and those with a long-standing reputation would use the bucket loads of money they have to uphold some ethics and maintain some standard of conduct.

That doesn’t seem to be the case, especially in light of some information that Instagram account Diet Sabya has posted on their page.

What Has Diet Sabya Exposed?

Across several posts on their Instagram stories, popular account Diet Sabya has shined a light on accounts from people talking about how toxic their offices are.

It all started when the account posted some screenshots about an unnamed CXO at Nykaa and some disturbing acts of theirs.

The Instagram account Diet Sabya, that is most known for their posts pointing out how Indian designers might have copied from international designers, made this post on 12th July 2020.

This started an avalanche of other people sending them their accounts about abuse and toxicity they had suffered at different companies.

As of now, there doesn’t really seem to be any concrete proof to these allegations.


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In one Instagram story, they also showed a message where one person was asking them not to post it on their account since they didn’t want to get into any trouble.

Another person who seemingly works at Reliance Brands also shared their story.

While it remains to be seen how true these accusations are, it certainly raises some questions on how working places in India are operating.

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Sources: Instagram, Free Press Journal

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