StalkBuyLove, an e-commerce fashion start-up founded in 2012 by Tushar Ahluwalia, Rashmi Ahluwalia, Nishrit Srivastava, and Shikha Ahluwalia, revolutionized the fashion game in India.

They exploited a niche which was long uninhabited, and in doing so dubbed themselves as one of the pioneers in digitizing the world of Indian fashion.

Recently, the Ad Victoriam Ventures-operated company drew flak from bloggers, vendors, garment retailers and even customers for not reimbursing them for their products, returns, and services.

Two of the biggest names in the fashion blogging industry, Roshni Bhatia and Komal Pandey, initially brought the company’s unprofessionalism into the limelight via Instagram which then prompted others with similar experiences to come forth and voice their concerns.

Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor) posted an Instagram story calling out the company for not remunerating her for her services and repeatedly ignoring her phone calls.

Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial) then posted a story mentioning how she hadn’t been compensated almost nine months after her branded content went live. She later addressed the issue in a series of videos on Instagram.

Both of their grievances were targeted at Shikha Ahluwalia from StalkBuyLove who is apparently absconding at the moment.

The two found support in numerous bloggers, customers, fashion stylists and eminent internet personalities like Diet Sabya (@dietsabya), Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila), and Dolly Singh (@spill_the_sass).

Not too long after, Shikha Ahluwalia (@shikhasbl), fashion expert and co-founder of SBL, posted a public statement on Instagram which didn’t quite sit well with the bloggers in question.

She expressed her disappointment over both the bloggers’ mode of protest as well as their choice of words.

She then proceeded to upload images of her with the bloggers reminding them of their good times together and accused them of choosing money over “friendship and entrepreneurial spirit”.

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Things spiralled out of control when Shikha Ahluwalia labeled the two bloggers as “money-making machines” and in essence called them thankless as the company had apparently supported them when they were just starting out in the industry.

In a bizarre turn of events, Shikha Ahluwalia also connected the situation to women standing up for women.

This ended up aggravating the situation further instead as the bloggers invalidated her stance with the argument that personal equations do not influence or eliminate their right to receive monetary compensation for their services. This position was backed by the majority.

If internet reports are to be believed, the company owes over a crore to various stakeholders and brand promoters.

Diet Sabya posted a few more Instagram stories shedding light on the incompetence of StalkBuyLove which also extends to others who have associated with the company in the past.

Shikha Ahluwalia, co-owner of the company which received over $10 million dollars in funding from investors, plans to clear the air soon by posting a public statement in a video explaining her take on the matter.

Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: VC Circle, Komal Pandey, Roshni Bhatia

Image Credits: Instagram

Find the blogger: @microrgasm

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  1. Whosoever worked with them will never be on their side. They are the most stupid enterpreneur in the world. They made sbl the WWE, where Vince Mcmohan is Anil Ahluwalia, Linda Mcmohan as Rashmi Ahluwalia, Shane Mcmohan is Tushar Ahluwalia, Stephani Mcmohan as Shikha Ahluwalia. They are the fraud people who took the money from India and live their life in Germany. For the past 8 month they didnt paid it to vendors like fabric vendors, fabricators, employees last 4 month. These people should be arrested for doing frauds as they have a history of doing frauds in past as well when they were in EXPORT buisness

  2. I am appalled at the investors who invested in this ponzy startup to begin with. What differentiates then in the marketplace and what was the problem they were solving in the market place.

    50 pc of the revenues go to brand / marketing and salaries. What the hell ?? Who manages the finances here and how did the same not come to the investors notice that too someone like Kalari capital.

    The founders are the Mallya/ modi’s of the startup world and they deserved to be treated as fraudsters with criminal proceedings against them.


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