This month, on June 7, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) introduced a new website. Since its introduction, the website has had a number of technical issues. One of these is the ITR issue, which we’ll go over in-depth here.

People were pleased about the new Income Tax website when it was first launched, but since then, they’ve had a number of issues with it. The large list of problems faced also includes issues with ITR filing, which are causing a lot of inconveniences.

ITR filing is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of the Income Tax website, along with a variety of others. However, the website is now unable to execute its primary role.

Few Recurrent ITR problems

The ITR website showing problems
The ITR website shows problems
  • Several individuals have complained on Twitter about errors on the platform while filing income tax forms.
  • ITRs for various fiscal years are not available for download in PDF format. Receipts for ITRs are not being downloaded.
  • The ITR for the financial year 2021, i.e. the assessment year 2021-22, is not being filed. 
  • The Old Outstanding Demand is also not showing.
  • Requests for refunds are not being made.
  • There is an issue with displaying the 26AS form, which is essential in the filing process(?).
  • When one tries to verify an ITR by selecting ‘self’ as the capacity, the name vanishes and a validation error arises.
  • There is no way to change your ITR.
  • It also shows that returns processed in March 2021 were under-processed.
  • For the assessment year 2022, the Income Tax Department has added the Javascript Object Notation facility (JSON utility), however, it is not yet visible on the website.
  • Problems with the completion of transactions have also been faced by the users. 
  • The option for Paid demand is not visible and demand money keeps changing.Although the ITR claimed that most of these problems have been solved, 40% of the users still complained about facing them.

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Problems with log-in and Pan Card verification

The page for verifying Pan Card
The page for verifying Pan Card

When a user attempts to log in to the new Income Tax website, they are repeatedly unable to do so due to the login failure. On occasion, the website will notify you that your password is wrong.

However, the forget password option does not function if you wish to change your password. Even if this approach works, obtaining the OTP is a challenge. That is, you must deal with all of the password-related issues.

Another challenge is that when a user visits the new Income Tax website to confirm any of his information, he receives a data mismatch error. This indicates that the user’s information does not match his PAN card, despite the fact that everything else is correct.

People are experiencing yet another issue with PAN cards since the website is reporting numerous PAN numbers as invalid, despite the fact that these identical PAN numbers worked fine on the previous website.

Should the ITR Date be extended?

Photo of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
Photo of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

With plenty of users complaining about the problems they are facing with their transactions, it is only logical that they should extend the dates for the payment of taxes, if not solve the glitches as soon as humanly possible. But the government recently announced that the dates will not be extended.

While the entire country is struggling to turn to cyber, the aloofness of the government towards fixing the issues with most of their online portals is threatening. Who knows how long it will take for people to understand their responsibilities. Therefore, it is the common people who have to suffer.

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