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The Creative Bend


By Sonali Wadhwa

 I will begin by saying that creativity and imagination has no end. They are not bounded within any limits. Human brain can imagine to an infinite level converging towards the horizon where only sky is the limit.I truly believe that every creature in this world whether it be a human or an animal is blessed with a creative bend. The only idea is to recognize that spark of creativity in you and ignite the world with its light.

Creativity is an urge to think and create out of the box. It is actually the phenomenon of arising ideas out of nowhere.Now rather than expressing it in this never ending discussion, why not have a look at some of the most astonishing and amazingly creative things around the world of which, maybe we could never everthink of!First we shall have a look at one of the most creative structures of the world.

  •         The Basket Building

As unique as its name, this innovatively constructed seven story building is situated in Ohio, USA ; serving as the corporate headquarters of Longaberger Basket Company. It is undeniably a truly impressive example of Mimetic Architecture. Build with atrium on the inside which soars up to a glass ceiling, through which we can see the basket handles that come together over the roof, it looks startling especially at night.Since creativity can descend over any object around us then why to leave a simple device like a clock to be spared by its effect.

  •       The 10,000 Year Clock

Spell bounding everyone with its extremely uncommonly attractive look. The goal of this clock is to go 10,000 years with little-to-no maintenance. Designed by Danny Hillis and still under the process of its culmination with an unknown completion date, this remarkable object of creativity supports the concept of thinking about our sense of time in an enormous sense of fashion.

These examples were pretty normal I believe though quite unimaginable, but now let’s think about creativity on a global level.Yes, if anyone was able to guess then you guessed it right dear.Researchers have even compared countries in the terms of their creativity at a glance.  Here’s one of the most creative countries of the world.

  •        Germany

Ranked as the country with the highest rate of Global Creativity Index ( GCI ) which is based on three human factors – Technology , Workforce and Ideas; and known for its poets and philosophers. This country is setting trends every day, pushing the boundaries of art.Some of its creative facts are:

Technology rank: 9

Talent rank: 26

Tolerance rank: 18

Global Creativity Rank: 0.764

Germany is able to garner a high technology rank which has an effective correlation with global development and competitiveness.

Giving you a minute to twist and turn the wheels of your mind to think of something more creative than these.Churned the wheels?Now let’s just see how far your imagination went beyond reality and how someone at some point of time was actually able to unearth the layers of inexorable vision of creativity.

  •     Dense Smoke  

Thinking too high, but the foundation is quite simple. Paving its way through dense imagination, this remarkable scene is the result of the design of an advertisement.

Creative director: Jongkyu Lee

This picture here actually reveals a message that no idea is big or small, it’s the implementation that enlarges it and the creative bend that surrounds it and makes it unique of all.Talking about our mind and the very phenomenon of creativity, here’s giving you all an idea to be creative while finding the answers to the giant problems of your life.

  •         Reframing – Feel Good !

The concept of photography originally arouse out of the need to capture the unforgettable and special moments of our lives. But how amazing it would be if we were able to modify the interpretations that we all make when viewing those photos at a later moment. Similarly, how wonderful it would be seem if you start viewing all your unsolvable problems through a different and creative perspective which may even give you a way to escape out.

Yes, re-framing gives you an opportunity to be lucidly creative and change your perceptions of the life in an elegant fashion. Whenever encountered with a rigid problem, try and change the frames around you; think of the solution of the problem with a view of changing the negative frames into positive frames. Recollect all the positive aspects of your life that you are blessed with and all the meaningful goals that you are able to achieve in the course of your life thus making a positive frame around the problem where you get stuck at.

Reframing not only rebuilds your life but also allows you to find new possibilities where others found obstacles!

Talking about memories and photographs, photography has always been an indispensable part of creativity.

  •         Capturing life through a lens

Out of the thousands of thousand creative photos , presenting a few which I thought of as the most remarkable ones.

Credits : Sharad Haksar

And now last but certainly not the least. The career that you always aim for. The work that you gives you your true identity which you love and worship all your life can also be creative in its true sense.

  •         Architecture

This creativity and imagination of a human being combined with the efforts of his physical strength and his urge to change the world for good gives rise to the very idea of architecture. It is very rightly said that “Productivity is never an accident; it is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Architecture goes parallel with creativity, imagination and technology. Architecture is one profession in which a person has to love the buildings around him as he loves his family. Architects not only think in a creative manner but also think wisely on how to turn their idea into reality by best using the technology around and human effort giving us what we call as the wonders of the world. Those wonders are nothing but master pieces of architecture and epitomes of brilliant minds and efforts put together.The mother art is the architecture. Without architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization. It is a medium to represent our productive and constructive thoughts in a way of creating wonders for all.


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