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Beliebers, Directioners And Yes, Smilers


By Rhea Yadav


Beliebers, those who believe?

Directioners, those who have a direction in life?

And smilers, those who smile all the time?

Oh, I wish.However,  for those unmindful of the 21st century fangirl cult (fan boy as well for that matter),  Beliebers are fans of  the baby-baby-baby-ooh-like-baby-baby-baby-noo, Justin Beiber. And Directioners are fans of the baby-you-light-up-my-world-like-nobody-else, One Direction. And Smilers are fans of the, *shudders*,  I-came-in-like-a-wrecking-ball, Miley Cyrus.If you sang those words in your head in their tune, I’m sorry to inform you, you’re already a member of the cult-who became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100?

Justin Beiber.-Which is among the best-selling singles of all time, selling over 12 million copies?

“What makes you beautiful” by One Direction.

-Which show became cable’s most-watched show for kids?

“Hannah Montana” when Miley Cyrus was 13.

Society functions in funny ways at times. And the fact that hating people is considered cool now-a-days is not even funny. It’s just plain sad. Some common and rather creative (possibly offensive) jokes about  them are:


How do 5 gay men walk? In one direction.

Miley Cyrus is releasing a new fragrance called “Twerk”, it’s just Billy Ray’s tears in a bottle.
What’s the difference between a water bottle and puberty? A water bottle has already hit Justin Bieber.

What do you call a Canadian girl who can’t sing? Justin Bieber.

One direction – the reason we should have killed Justin Beiber before it laid eggs.…And the jokes just do not end.

Why is calling someone gay thought of as being derogatory or something to be ashamed of and how did being gay even become a bad thing?How do we get to decide whether someone can sing or not when they have sold more than 10 million copies of their music?When did we become so sadistic as a society that we find it natural to pull down and degrade successful people’s image who have achieved much more than we can ever imagine to and that too at such a young age?

I find it deplorable when people generously shower these artists with unnecessary hate. At the same time can we also refrain from idolizing them? Society always polarizes. Because it’s convenient. It’s either black or white. Because grey is risky, grey is uncertain, and grey is inexact. But in one of the fifty shades of grey (not E L James, for God’s sake), lies the preferable neutral ground.

Fan bases are condemnable simply because they tend to glorify everything their idol does. When Justin Beiber is held for drunk driving and sent to jail, his fans justify it and learn from it. Fan groups are also misused by the artists, for instance when One Direction comes late for its concerts, they keep their fans waiting for 2 hours at times!

And well, Miley Cyrus, a great influence on her young impressionable fan base. With all sarcasm intended. For her personal sake, it’s her life; she might swing naked on wrecking balls and utilise her tongue animatedly and twerk in bikinis all she wants but it is extremely important for such stars to act responsibly because of the impact and effect they leave on their millions of fans worldwide.

Fans too, on the other hand need to be sane and avoid being frenzied. Stop saying stuff like ‘Marry me Zayn’ or ‘I wanna be Miley when I grow up!’ or even ‘Bieber is a better musician than Bob Marley’ (seriously, you don’t want to be beaten up). Do not go onto social networking sites and create pages and groups like ‘1D lovers dating group’ or ‘Learn to twerk page’. Just, don’t.

Finally, it is imperative to understand that your opinion honestly doesn’t make much of a difference. Love them or hate them, they are still some of the most popular mainsteam artists of the current time. Garnering millions of views on their YouTube videos, having millions of followers on Twitter and being incessantly flogged by paparazzi wherever they go, these people just cannot be ignored.

It’s time you got used to the twerking and the beiber brawls. Oh, and the mounting marriage proposals for Zayn and Harry. Which, if you’re a guy, can cause serious ego bruises. And now I’m going like a wrecking ball. Did I wre-e-eck you?

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