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Foodies, Dare To Eat!!!


By Samiksha Agarwal

“Frog legs and snake eyeballs with hot chocolate sauce for dessert!” was my reply when a friend asked me what I wanted to have. The reply was out of irritation to a question being asked repetitively but it triggered off the conversation about bizarre foods eaten in India. I decided to dig a little deeper AND It is time to get a shock!! I landed up discovering the weirdest stuff relished around India!!

Chaprah: The Red Ant Dip Chaprah is regular chutney that adds taste to the meals of the tribal of Chhattisgarh. And guess what is it made of? RED ANTS AND THEIR EGGS!!! To prepare Chaprah, red ants are dried; spices and sweeteners are then added and the chutney is ready to be eaten with any meal and people are crazy about it! Dad says eating ants is good for eyes, wanna try this?

Phan Pyut: The TASTY rotten Potatoes Ever wondered how rotten potatoes taste like? They have a repugnant smell!! Well, they are delicious!! Potatoes are not harvested when they are ripe but left untouched till they rot. The rotten potatoes are picked and then are either consumed in their natural form or cooked or treated with spices before eating. Eaten in many parts of North East India, Phan Pyut is good add-on in regular meal. Next time your mother is throwing away the potatoes, stop her from doing that!!

Jadoh: The ‘Bloody’ Rice Ever heard of Jadoh? Cooked and eaten by the Jaintia tribes of the North East.  It is a dish that has pig INTESTINES and BLOOD of the chicken as the ingredients. With this food on your plate, it surely get crazier! Okay, okay let’s move on, otherwise you might hurl upon your device….  

Doh Khlieh: Piggies do it all Doh Khlieh, a Meghalayan cuisine, is a regular pork and onion salad but what makes it “sumptuous” is it’s garnishing. Garnished with steamed pig’s brain, it is considered to be a delicacy Dare to eat?

Frog Legs: Appetizing and luscious!! Frog legs are a delicacy among the Lepchas community of Sikkim. The dish is known to have medicinal qualities and people relish it. It is believed that frog legs can cure various stomach related ailments. CURE?? I doubt!! I wonder it might give us dysentery. I bet you want to try each one these. Go ahead then!!Howsoever bizarre (or EXOTIC) these dishes are really lip smacking. People love eating stuff like this. Just forget about the contents for once and ALLOW YOUR STOMACH TO EXPERIENCE THE TRUE INDIAN CUISINE. You have no right to deprive your innocent stomach of these mouth watering dishes. Don’t keep it waiting!



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