Escort services in layman terms refers to sexual and non-sexual services provided by young men and women.

These services are generally provided for high-class men and women and they not only act as companions in high-class parties and events but also serve as partners in bed for a night or for some period of time.

It is evident from the website of such service providers, that it is prostitution in disguise. In other words, we can call it “High-Class Prostitution”. These service providers charge huge sums in exchange for these services.

Legality of Such Services

Though child prostitution, pandering, pimping, managing or owning a brothel and prostitution in a hotel are crimes in India, it is nowhere written in law books in black and white that prostitution is a crime.

Escort Services are high-end prostitution services that are provided to rich, upper-class society against filthy sums of money

Even after all of the above legal restraints, many illegal brothels operate in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, one of which is Kamatipura. UNAIDS had estimated that there are 6,57,829 prostitutes in the country.

College Girls as Escorts

The lavish lifestyle influences and lures all. Everyone wants to live life king size, but such a lifestyle costs a lot and is the result of years of hard work. To get this lifestyle early, young girls are attracted to options for instant money, one of which is prostitution.

High-end prostitution not only gets them instant income but their clients take care of their needs and help them get the lifestyle that they want. This idea may look fascinating for a while but the dark truth is that when a girl gets into this profession, there is no coming back.

It is a world of body-trade for sex and human trafficking. Getting into the arms of someone unknown for money is a bad idea as far as the safety of the girl is concerned. She may join the business willingly or by force but leaving it is far more difficult than joining it.

Not only safety concerns, but the social stigma attached to this profession makes it a taboo and unacceptable in a so-called ‘decent society’. Additionally, being illegal, it becomes a breeding ground for corrupt officials.

Escort services aren’t legal in India since such prostitution happens in hotels, but still, escort networks operate

College girls joining it are obviously getting their lives and careers risked, in order to earn quick money. It is a business or so-called ‘profession’ which is operating openly in major Indian cities through offline and online means.

It’s crucial that the government and concerned authorities look into it and make sure that such exploitative practices stop.

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Ground Reality of These Services

While browsing over the internet, you can find various websites which readily provide you with phone numbers of escort agencies you can contact them and easily get an escort. But what happens at the grass root level needs to be known.

So, we initiated some research whereby the fact was told to us that if we want and have the money to afford, we can even get young college girls to become our escorts.

The conditions were that the girls would serve only for a filthy amount and in lavish hotels and guest houses and nothing less.

Escort services operate both offline and online in major Indian cities.

Our research made it clear to us that these servicemen get college girls available, which implies that innocent girls are getting caught into this high-profile racket to make instant money but they may obviously not be able to escape this vicious circle of prostitution and human trafficking.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier in this article, prostitution in hotels is illegal but our research revealed that escorts work only in lavish hotels and guest houses, which means something is really wrong.

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Sources: Times of India, India Times

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