American television talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres has been receiving a lot of appreciation from fans worldwide.

The show is known for spiking controversies and gossip. The vibrant and candid nature of the show makes it a great one to watch. Ellen has the ability to make her guests speak unapologetically. Her guests come from diverse walks of life thereby making it a coveted platform.

The current season, much like the others has garnered a similar response from the audience.

Speculatively, our very own Manushi Chillar might be going as a guest on Ellen’s show.

Manushi keeps us guessing

Manushi Chillar, Miss World 2017, from Haryana has made the country proud after she brought the crown to India after several years. Since then, she has been doing a lot of philanthropic work like instructing women on menstrual safety and sanitation and as well as advertisements.

Recently, the pageant winner posted a picture on her Instagram, perhaps indicating her presence on Ellen’s show.

This picture leaves us guessing about her appearance on the show. Some say that she has been on a vacation in L.A and might have visited the sets.

Post this picture, she posted her second picture which has only increased our curiosity.

Manushi Chillar looks mesmerizing in the black and white pantsuit designed by Nikhil Thampi. With minimalistic makeup, sporting her gorgeous sunnies, the beauty looks ravishing.

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Priyanka’s successor?

Post her victory, speculations on her Bollywood debut have also started to float around as previously, beauty queens like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sushmita Sen have had successful Bollywood careers.

Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World, also appeared on the show earlier to promote her show, Quantico and was seen gulping down tequila shots. Manushi also might just succeed PC.

However, before Priyanka Chopra, two kids from India, namely Akshat Singh and Nihal Raj have also made an appearance on the show.

The show has always been a hub of controversies and it would be great to expect Manushi on the show. Many say, that she would be seen accompanying Stephanie Del Valle (Miss World 2016).

The speculations are still raging and these pictures have left the audience perplexed. So what do you think?

Will we see her on Ellen’s show?

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Image Source: Google Images

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