Watch: Worst Flood Affected Parts Of India In Monsoon 2018

Rains this year submerged several parts of the country, some suffered catastrophically with over a thousand lives lost. Watch here, the places affected the most by floods this year.

With over a thousand lives lost, this year’s monsoon brought the worst floods in India. Six Indian states were badly affected.

Kerala saw the most devastating flood in 100 years, and even 4000 crores of relief fund did not suffice. The wreckage was so bad, that over 20,000 households and 10,000 kms of state roads were damaged.

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The Indian Army and NDRF saved several thousand lives, helped displace millions and generously, people from all over the nation contributed to the flood relief funds.

See here, how nature’s fury uprooted several states and washed away life, and property worth hundreds of crores.

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, Quartz India, Deccan Chronicle 

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