In the history of any educational institution, protests have been rather useful in bringing together a favourable outcome for the students. 

The High Court posted a plea by St. Stephen’s College which has been at loggerheads with Delhi University (DU) over the admission criteria. Asserting its minority institution character, the college doesn’t back off on its autonomy to accord 85% weightage to CUET scores and 15% to interviews.

It is the only one out of the six minority institutions refusing to step down from its original method of conducting the admission process. 

The college mentioned in its petition- “The management must be permitted to mould the institution as they think fit and in accordance with their ideas of how the interest of the community in general and the institution, in particular, will be best served.”

However, after being challenged by DU on May 24 to withdraw their admission prospectus from their website and select students only on their CUET scores, a petition was also filed by law student Konika Poddar who maintained that her cause was directed by the sole motive to allow students to take admission in the elite college under the CUET scores criteria.

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The registrar of the Delhi University again wrote to the college and warned against the admission prospectus issued on their website. They further expressed that they would consider the admission null and void if it did not meet the conditions put forward by DU. 

This matter has divided students and educators into two factions, those who are in favour of it and those who are against the admission prospectus issued by the college. The ones against it believe that the interview process is slanted in favour of the elites who have been exposed to better faculties of social development than intellectual elitism.

While those who are in favour of it believe that interviews are a method for the college to select the best candidates who would represent their college. 

The principal John Varghese concluded in a statement- “This is the admission process – time-tested, proven, and guaranteed through a landmark judgment delivered by the highest court of the land that will be followed for admission to the college.”

The DU admission procedure is going to begin soon and the matter will be raised for a hearing next on 6 July.

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