The University Grants Commission (UGC), under the National Education Policy (NEP) introduced in 2020, has recently issued a notification allowing students to pursue two full-time academic programmes simultaneously.

While this is a cause to rejoice for millions of Indian students, there are several guidelines that students must be aware of to reap maximum benefits from this radical change. Let’s dissect UGC’s notification to find out what’s what :

1) Simultaneous courses

A student is allowed to pursue two full-time courses simultaneously. In case of both being in physical mode, it must be ensured that the timings of the courses do not overlap.

2) Dual mode of learning possible

A student can also opt for one course in physical mode and the other in online/ODL(Open and Distance Learning) mode.

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3) Maximum number of courses allowed

A student can pursue up to a maximum of 2 online/ODL based courses at a time.

4) Institutes that are eligible

Only UGC/Statutory Council/Govt. of India recognized institutions are allowed to offer this benefit whether they be for diploma or degree courses.

5) Beneficial for some

Students who have already fulfilled two full-time courses simultaneously will receive no benefit from this notification.

6) Flexibility

The degrees can be pursued at either the same or different institutions.

7) Not applicable for Ph.D.

These benefits and their guidelines are not applicable to Ph.D. programs.

A slew of other changes under the NEP is expected in the coming years seeking to promote the evolution of the Indian education system. While some educationists are of the opinion that multidisciplinary can be fostered within a single degree rather than traversing between two, it’ll remain up to the students to seize any opportunity to offer them an academic edge.

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