One of the several problems I’ve always had with the contemporary stand-up comedies and memers is that their jokes always come at the expense of the other, or many-a-times sends out an inappropriate message to the people.

One such outrageous meme is now making rounds on social media platforms. Without much ado, have a look at it:

“Likes Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega”:

Besides the revolting insanity of the meme, what is nastier is the fact somebody actually made it. Even if we believe that the meme-maker juxtaposed Chhapaak’s acid attack survivor Malti’s image with this dumb statement solely for the purpose of gaining ‘likes’, the issue becomes no less serious.

Creating and sharing any mindless post then becomes a reflection of the hollow conscience of these meme-makers.

Or, it could be a very conscious statement on the part of the one who made the meme.

The caption “This could be you, Par tu maan gayi” translates to “This could be you, But you gave in to my advances”.

This statement definitely doesn’t strike a humorous chord. Instead, it reiterates the normalization of acid attacks by attempting to make a wry joke out of the grave issue.

Besides nullifying the seriousness of the crime, it also presents the male as an entitled figure, who has a right to have a “yes” from the woman he fancies.

NO Means NO:

Also, this reminds me of the very crucial sequence in the movie ‘Pink’, where Amitabh Bachchan elaborates on the word “NO”. The meme we have on the table here conveniently brushes aside the significance of “no” from the girl’s side and owing to her rejection of the guy, the latter becomes licensed to ruin her face and life.

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It is true that every movie is subject to criticism as well as memes on social media. However, a movie like Chhapaak centres on the sensitive issue of acid attack in India, whose statistics are dangerously high.

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to ban the sale of acid in India, the disastrous liquid can still be easily procured in the markets.

We don’t know when acid will be completely wiped out of our country. But meanwhile, we can at least tell our brave girls that disfigurement of their physical features in no way becomes a blot on the beautiful women they are.

But, the onus lies on all of us to educate our boys better – teach them that no girl owes them a ‘yes’ to their advances, the meaning of ‘no’ regardless of the context and most importantly; ‘uska manna ya na manna uska faisala hai’ (her ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is her decision) and whatever her decision, it needs to be accepted, and not acid-attacked.

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Sources: The Logical Indian, India Today, The Free Press Journal

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