On the first day of the third week of January 2020, people in Delhi were going back to work after weekend and Monday blues were not enough when Modi Ji made Monday worse.

You may be wondering that Modi Ji or some politician of BJP again said something weird or derogatory but no, this time he did something which displeased even the hardcore BJP supporters.

Wondering what it is? Modi Ji’s excursion has created trouble for people.

For laymen like you and me, roaming around may not seem like a big deal however, when someone like the Prime Minister decides to gallivant, the entire city comes to a standstill.

Protocol Followed When Prime Minister’s Car Is On-Road

When the Prime Minister of India plans to visit a gathering, there is an entire protocol that follows. Though I understand the security of PM is of paramount importance, we shouldn’t forget that the common man who wants to reach his/her office on time to earn his/her living suffers the most.

The road which is used by the PM when he is travelling is blocked for a minimum of 10 minutes and the entire traffic is blocked till the PM leaves. All the lanes of the blocked road are filled with lines of cars resulting in hours of congestion and inconvenience. 

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What Happened Today

It had to be a normal day, for the exception of some closed routes near India Gate and Connaught Place due to the practice of the Republic Day parade. Since the same was published in newspapers by the Delhi Traffic Police, people were aware of the same and tried avoiding those roads.

However, unfortunately, our Prime Minister thought it to be the perfect Monday to come out of his residence at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. He decided to hold the “Pariksha pe Charcha” program today at the Talkatora Stadium, resulting in traffic congestion in prominent areas of Delhi at the peak morning hours. 

People somehow managed to reach their offices and I bet many of them were late enough to get an earful from their bosses. 

However, this wasn’t enough. The program at the BJP’s headquarter at the Deendayal Upadhyay Marg further added to the VIP movement in Delhi, increasing the pressure on the roads. 

Mind you, the traffic protocol isn’t limited to PM. The cabinet ministers also get similar privileges and since the entire cabinet, including PM and Amit Shah was headed to BJP headquarters, the roads got filled with cars waiting for the convoys to pass.

Currently, the entire state of Delhi is jam-packed.

How Will It Affect PM

Presently it may seem that the common man is the only one suffering but the long term implications may not be favourable for the PM. The middle class is the backbone of BJP’s vote-bank, they are the taxpayers who get the country working. 

When the common man is on the road, heading towards his office, he won’t like interruptions. After all, who likes to be stuck in traffic for hours?

These untimely and painful excursions of Modi Ji aren’t getting any appreciation. Working-class is are the one who earns for the country, pays taxes and votes for Modi, to end up standing in the middle of roads for hours, due to the honourable servants of the public.

Not fair!

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Sources: Dainik Jagran, Twitter, ABP News

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