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30th August 2003 was one of the best days of my life because that was the day, I became a big brother. Although, like every kid, I was jealous that my baby sister was getting all the attention, it was a day I still remember very clearly.

Yes, I have a sister and I feel, it makes me feel like I am a better person because I have one. Some might say that a brother can be protective, helpful, etc. But thank God I don’t have a brother or every day would be a war at home.

She Is The Reason I’m More Responsible

I still remember, when I was 5 years old, and my sister was born. I had to get food for my mother from the hospital canteen, get the nurse whenever needed and obviously, watch over my sister while she slept in her tiny bed.

This made me feel like I was the big guy in the room, in-charge of everything going on. I learnt taking responsibility that way. Since then, I have been more responsible than anyone my age.

When you think about it, having a sibling and being responsible for them, makes you a better person instantly. Alex Jenson, assistant professor at the Brigham Young University says that they help you develop social skills and teach you compromise along with negotiation too, as stated by Huff Post.

Well, negotiation – definitely. Me and my sister have made deals about secrets, not telling mom and hands down, my sister can negotiate a deal better than any businessman out there.

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The One Person Who Is Beside You At The End Of The Day

If you think your friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, or anyone else will stay by your side every single day you need them, you might just be wrong. But if you have a sister, expect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support from her.

She might be the one person who will annoy you all the time, and give you a hard time working. But when it comes to standing up for you, she will become Hulk, or whatever the lady version of Hulk is.

She Is The Reason I Keep A Check On My Expenditure

I say she is the reason I keep a check on my expenditure. Why? So that I save enough and have a good year? Nope. It is because I have to give her gifts on Rakhi and on her birthday which happen to be in the same month a few days apart every year.

Hence, I save. I save to spend it on things I buy for her! Nevertheless, even billions spent are not worth as much as her smile is.

So many studies say that having a sister makes you a better person, but frankly, I do not need a study to tell me that. I know it for a fact. Lucky are those, who have a sister.

To all the sisters out there, kindly try asking a tad bit less in terms of gifts this month. Your brother is probably saving too hard. But, if he has a job and earns well, kindly empty his pocket on Rakhi.

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Sources/Studies: Huff Post, Motherly

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