COVID, Omicron, economic issues, social issues what, who? The past few days social media has been chock full of only news about Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming wedding.

Apparently, there is nothing more important than the wedding of these two Bollywood actors. Reporters are actually doing the first investigative reporting of their lives trying to breach the security of the wedding venues, articles are being published about even the smallest of information coming out, like hotel, entertainment of guests etc. Every second there is a new post about what outfit, fabric, stitching is Katrina or Vicky going to be wearing for the various functions.

Just now, people are going crazy over the first glimpse of the wedding card Katrina and Vicky have already flown to Jaipur and the guests have constantly been trickling in since Monday and Tuesday.

The wedding will be happening tomorrow reportedly at the Six Senses Resort, Fort Barwara in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan heavy security and rules are being applied so as to keep the paparazzi as out of the festivities as possible. Guests have to leave their phones in their room, posting of videos and photos from the events is also forbidden and entrance is also very limited.

In all this craziness, the fans have no other way to cope with all this spam of information besides making memes. And the most favourite topic for many right now is Salman Khan, aka Selmon Bhai as he is often referred to online.

Selmon Bhai Memes Abound

Salman Khan being Katrina Kaif’s ex, it was bound to lead to a lot of posts being made around him. But ever since the whole ‘Vick-Kat wedding’ was confirmed, fans have been having a gala time mocking the situation and making memes around Selmon bhai and how he must be feeling right now.


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It seems that all of our social media are going to be flooded with all this content at least for a few days or until Vicky and Katrina’s wedding is finally done and over with. Although, who knows this spamming might last for a few days after that too.

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