January 8: Education about the share market is very important. We care much about the virus, and the unemployment rate, and no savings; New year 2022 again will be spoiled but do not consider Sensex gave a 144% for the year 20-21. Yet, we find the Share market is a place to gamble. Using science, Technical, and world economics aspects, we can make consistent money. According to statistics, only 3% of the entire Indian Population actively participate in the Finance market. Why do we constantly push kids to become a doctor, engineers, lawyers, CA? We need to be taught about how to not retire in the 60’s but make money in our teens. It’s a study of the discipline, information, psychology, mindset, and all these attributes must be consistent.

Debayan started his journey from basic and was fortunate enough to see the market from lows to all-time high milestones for 8 years here. He has reached investors with a 100% accuracy, and is determined to serve many more through his vision of starting his company in Asset management and portfolio management over the recent time.

Debayan also thinks 3 trillion dollars in savings are yet to be actively invested, which would make India become stronger by 2025-2030, markets are going to go higher and skyrocket to new milestones as Nifty will cross 20k and Sensex will see 1L mark, Debayan believes in the potential of Indian businesses and the management to scale up in the vision of One India.

This is the time; you all must start investing and grow; for a fact, time and money require attention, ignore either, and you have neither.
Go ahead, And be Atmanirbhar, says Debayan Dutta Gupta-  on LinkedIn is where you can reach out for partnership, leadership, and investment query.


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