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Ding, ding, ding. My phone lights up. I take it from the table and check the notifications. 

I see 105 unread messages on WhatsApp, 13 notifications from Instagram, 4 from Facebook and 6 mails. All in a span of 30 mins. I go through my work related texts and then put it back down, go back to the movie I was watching and forget all about those messages. 

So yes, as the title suggests, I am a slow texter and have always been so. I have also always been very apologetic about it. But recently, I am getting a little frustrated with starting every late reply with “Hey, sorry, I didn’t see your message” and lying through my teeth.

The truth is, I have seen the text and I have deliberately put it off for later, because I wasn’t in the mood to talk about how my day has been. And honestly, I am quite done with apologising. 

I am done feeling like I owe my time to every living breathing person who decides to text me. Why there’s so much hype against slow texting, is something really beyond my understanding. So here I am, talking about all the reasons why I passionately feel slow texting should be normalised.

Busy Work Schedules 

With the work-from-home culture and no set timings, most of us have an around the clock routine of work. It’s a tough world out there, and most of us are trying our best to make something out of ourselves. 

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To make time out of that hectic schedule to instantly reply to people seems so far-fetched to me, that I don’t even try. And I strongly believe that it should not be a big deal. 

Mental Peace

Mental peace should be the top most priority not just to me but everyone out there. To assume that everyone is in the right space of mind to communicate all the time, is just wrong and disrespectful even. 

Also, when you reply instantly, you expect others to do the same. That’s barely practical or justified, isn’t it?

Setting Boundaries

It’s very important to draw necessary boundaries in your relationships, be it romantic or platonic or professional. None of us owe anyone all our time.

Some questions from acquaintances can really wait. You don’t need to drop everything you are doing to reply to a “Hey, what’s up?” text from your school friend’s sister’s ex boyfriend. 

Prioritise the people in your life and realise not everyone deserves the same treatment you give to your family or your best friend. And even with them, boundaries should exist.

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