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I appreciate it when people finally come up with their stories of suffering as confession always helps get the emotional baggage off the chest.

I always urge my fellow homo sapiens to unlock their heart and let the experiences, stories and issues get unfolded, heard and understood by the world. Trapping them inside intensifies the burden of feelings while sharing always helps in healing. 

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Stories of bitter past or tormenting present are like a wound. Simply hiding that wound underneath the layers of time might not help overcome it.

Rather, it demands to be dealt with the utmost courage and honesty to heal it completely. I have inferred this reality through my personal experiences. 

Seven years back, I was bullied for my buck teeth and protruding upper jaw. Those times were tough and left an impression of self-inferiority on me for a long time.

But after seven years, one fine day, I took to my Facebook feed and wrote a confession independent of any shyness or shame. Thereafter, my anger and pain were smoothly replaced by satisfaction and self-appraisal. 

A brain imaging study by psychologists reveals that verbalizing our feelings makes our sadness, anger and pain less intense. I understand that not every instance of bad times is easy to share but it’s always worthwhile. 

Fear persists that people might not understand your situation but again the effort and faith in your surrounding relationships is always worthwhile.

Once you stop being reluctant in sharing your untold stories, you are likely to hit on realizing how soothing the words of support can feel to you.

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