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I don’t understand what’s so wrong with this generation.

When I say this, I mean how many times have you heard someone talk about how cold they are?

How many times have you come across a person who addresses himself as “emotionally

You think these people are the ‘strong ones’ and NOTHING in this world can move them or
affect them in any way.

You might be wrong about it because we humans are designed and weaved through an
emotional fabric and ‘feeling things’ is just one of the very nature of our existence.

However, we live in a society that teaches us to be strong and emotionally intact. We are
taught not to cry and hide our pain since childhood.

Eventually, when we grow up such a thought makes us believe that it’s best to feel in control
and never be vulnerable in front of anyone.

Teenagers and young adults are worst affected by such a notion that leads them to suffer in

Why Do We Do So?

The idea of showing your vulnerability to another human sounds terrifying. And why not?

Nobody would ever be volunteering to allow someone to hurt them by putting down their guard.

We instinctively try to protect ourselves by faking around so that nobody gets the power to
hurt us. We suffer internally by doing so. We think we are invincible by not being vulnerable.

As a result of such perception, every time we are hurt by something, we blame ourselves for
not being in control. Instead of introspecting how the other person’s behaviour was responsible
for our negative emotions.

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This practice of self-blame and unacknowledged apathy leads to self-sabotaging, depression
and suicide in the long run.

What we don’t realise is that, this could be easily avoidable just by believing that human beings
make mistakes too, have insecurities, and can feel week.

What Good Is It For?

I have always believed that a human who shows his vulnerability is far braver than the
one who acts stoic.

Faking emotions or trying to be unemotional is exhausting. It develops a perpetual uneasiness within ourselves and we feel lost in an eternal conflict between our head and heart.

Vulnerability gives you clarity in your life and makes you live it with zero regrets.

But above all, the best part about being vulnerable is that IT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE.

The vulnerability allows you to feel things, analyze it, accept it, reject it.

There’s beauty in acknowledging your deep-rooted emotions and comfortably sharing it.

It is empowering beyond imagination.

For me, nothing is more beautiful than a human who accepts his vulnerabilities and isn’t
afraid to show it; for I believe we all are humans who crave love and affection and this world
is certainly not as dark as it seems.

Let’s wear our vulnerabilities like an asset and believe that we are worthy of all the things life
has to offer.

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