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As a student who’s come to Pune all the way from Coimbatore, I have a lot of travelling to do every time I wish to go home. Yet, you’d be surprised to know that I still prefer train travel over air travel.

There’s No Tension About The Luggage

Every time I go back to my hostel, I always get some extra stuff from home. The luggage limit of 15 kgs on a flight becomes a big headache in such a situation. I mean, my trolley bag by itself weighs around 3 kgs!

train travel
The luggage restriction for air travel is annoying

This is what irritates me about flights. At least taking the train back to the hostel means I don’t have to lose my calm while packing.

You Need To Lose Sleep To Fly In A Plane

Whether it’s an early morning flight or one in the noon, you need to be up and about earlier than your usual schedule if you’re trying to catch a flight. Not to mention that most ‘Economy’ flights don’t even have comfortable seats!

train travel
Airport seats are more comfortable than the ones in Economy flights

Train travel on the other hand lets you be in peace both before and during the journey. The seats are large enough so that you don’t have to get cramped between two strangers and you even get to have a good night’s sleep!

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People Are More Social

Speaking of strangers sitting next to you, something about planes just makes the people around you get snobbish and weird. Extending basic courtesies like saying a ‘Hi’ is enough to get people worked up.

In a train though, people are friendlier in the sense that they don’t freak out over another person smiling and trying to interact with you. In fact, the best stories and laughs are shared when you travel by train!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my aversion to air travel. Yes, it is more convenient and faster but only at the cost of making me feel uncomfortable, sleep-deprived and irritated all along!

So that, my friends, is how I started preferring train travel over air travel.

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