Watch: Peculiar Ancient Funeral Traditions From South Asia

May not be for the light hearted ones!

Mors Vincit Omnia.

Sounds poetic like it could be part of your next Instagram bio, right? Well, it is a Latin phrase that translates to death conquers all. Humans have a lot of differences based on their social, cultural and political leanings. However, the one event that binds us all in an inevitable knot is death.

Although death is deemed as the final phase of a mortal body, many cultures hold different beliefs regarding the same. Some believe in an afterlife, whereas some believe in the significance of the soul. Different cultures have their own ways of celebrating and mourning the dead.

Hence, the difference isn’t in death as an event but in the way in which death is perceived in different cultures.

What is a funeral?

A funeral is generally the final rites of a mortal body that takes place either religiously or traditionally, immediately after their death. Almost all cultures have a funeral, but the way in which cultures get rid of bodies is different. Some cremate, whereas some bury while some feed them to vultures.

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Yes, you heard it right. In fact, the Apayao indigenous group in Phillipines bury the dead bodies under their kitchen! It might sound bizarre to us, but we must also acknowledge that these are traditions that have been followed for a very long time and sound uncanny only because they don’t match with our belief systems.

The funerals are sometimes conducted by the family, religious leaders, or funeral services that capitalise on death.

Considering that there are a vast number of funeral practices, we have compiled some of them specifically from South Asia and its various regions. You can also find out which culture lets vultures feed on their dead bodies.

So go ahead and find out in the video below.

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