Media is the primary source of information for all of us and it is assumed to be unbiased. Its duty is to showcase the facts of the matter without judging them.

However, the recent trends in India show that media is no more unbiased and neutral. The debate over the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens helped people of India see a new side of electronic media whereby many so-called political analysts were blatantly taking sides of a political party (not only BJP) and news anchors seemed to play the role of spokespersons of political parties in various debates and discussions.

While some journalists were favouring parties, others were taking the benefit of the widespread protests to increase their TRP. 

In the wake of the NRC and the CAA, let us take a look at the journalists who should be banned (Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami tops that list and is already known to all for being extremely prejudiced, so I won’t be covering him here obviously).

Aditi Tyagi

A known face in Hindi electronic media, she works as an anchor for Zee News. It would be true to say that debates on news channels are all about who can scream the most, however, I believe that Aditi Tyagi can do better than that.

In one of her debates, she questioned the motives of the Congress party, implying them to be anti-nationalists and on top of it, any opinion contrary to hers was angrily shut down by Ms. Tyagi.  

Amish Devgan

Most of us know him, and for those who don’t, he is an anchor for News18 India and hosts some primetime shows.

Yesterday, I was watching a debate on the issue of CAA and NRC whereby some people who opposed NRC and CAA were first shunned by the strong and loud replies of Mr. Devgan and later, he emotionally used the plight of Hindu refugees from Pakistan to prove his point. According to him, he was overwhelmed but it looked more like a gimmick.

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Padmaja Joshi

Padmaja Joshi hosts the primetime program on Times Now, “The Newshour @10”.

I was scrolling through social media when I came across a video clip. In that video, she was bursting her anger on the BJP spokesperson, accusing him and his party of spreading and inciting violence rather than questioning him.

Punya Prasun Bajpai

Remember him? “Krantikari, Bohot Krantikari”, ab yaad aaya? He is the same journalist who was found scripting the interview of Kejriwal behind the scenes, telling him what would be appropriate to say to move the sentiments of the voters.

His ‘satire game’ is strong and in his recent Youtube videos, he used the same very well against the ruling party.

Sudhir Chaudhary

Want to talk about “designer patrakars”? He should be your go-to person. Responsible for unveiling the coal scam, he is no doubt one of the finest journalists we have. However, his ranty nature and bhakti for Modi Ji has made him not-so-loved amongst the young generation.

He is openly against the Anti-CAB protests and in his daily news segment, DNA, he strongly and sarcastically tries to impose his opinion.

This list is not exhaustive and will become longer with time. Whatever will be the result of these protests, my takeaway is that media is no longer unbiased and stating the facts is no more their work. They focus less on reporting and more on imposing opinions and grabbing TRP. Republic and Times Now are already off my list of watching.

Now, I’ll take your leave before I get tagged as an anti-nationalist.:P

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Source: Youtube

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