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Ever been in a relationship where you were happy for the first few months but later on, the same relationship turned toxic making you think “yaar kat gya kya”?

Well, to be honest, everyone has been in this place hoping that had we known the other person beforehand, things would have been different.

What if there was a probation period in a relationship just like one in a job? Sounds weird but this can help you in ending up in a healthy relationship.

What Is Probation Period?

Explaining briefly, the probation period is the period which is given to an employee to prove that he is fit for the job. It is either unpaid or the salary is less than that of a permanent employee. 

This gives a chance to both the employer and employee to know whether the company and the person are fit for each other or not.

If in a relationship there is a probation period, it would be on the terms agreed upon by both the prospective partners to assess whether they are suitable for each other or not. 

This can be equated to the courtship period in a marriage however, unlike an arranged marriage, you get to back off here.

Benefits Of Probation Period In A Relationship Are:

1. Better Chance Of Having Good Communication

If the partners-to-be decide to go for a trial period before making the relationship official, they get a chance to communicate about their needs and expectations from the relationship, be it physical or emotional.

This communication helps a lot in deciding on going ahead with the relationship. The truth is told on both the sides and thus, neither can later say, “agar mujhe pta hota tumhe ye sab chahiye toh main kabhi relationship mein aati hi nahi”.

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2. Better Knowledge About The Temperament Of One Another

A lot of relationships end up becoming toxic because, during the so-called honeymoon period, signs of anger or frustration of one partner were ignored by the other. At times, an excessive submission from one partner may end up making the relationship a living hell for the other.

In case probation is done, the scope of ruling out issues with the temperament is very less, leading to a healthy relationship.

3. Better Understanding Of Each Other’s Lifestyle

Have you seen movies where a rich girl falls in love with a poor guy and they live happily ever after? Well, it looks good on the silver screen but the same may not stand true in most cases and even if it does, it may take a lot of efforts and time.

A probation period in a relationship is instrumental in finding out whether their lifestyle and intellect (very important for sapiosexuals) matches or not. It is also helpful in finding whether the other person loves you or is just a gold digger.

Since there are so many benefits of this probation period, the next time you go for a relationship, do think of a probation period. If it doesn’t work, you can always forward your reviews to the next ‘employer’ of your ‘ex-employee’. :P

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