When it comes to relationships, they are considered to be a young person’s game. Even with the recently gone by Valentine’s Day, it was mostly advertised as being something for the young couples.

However, we cannot deny that even senior citizens need companionship and actually, this Mumbai organisation or mandal is doing a good job of finding them that.

Created by Madhav Damle, the Senior Citizen Live-in relationship mandal was formed all the way back in 2012.

Apparently, he thought of it after he was involved with a senior citizen’s old age home in the Wai city of Maharashtra.

According to him, “It was disturbing to see how they would feel lost and lonely for days to come. They had nothing to hold on to or fall back on. This is when I arranged for a few of them to meet and interact. I managed to get two couples married. However, the third marriage fell through when groom’s son intervened and created a ruckus.”

How Did It All Start?

It’s said that the 63 year old writer and publisher wanted to help Pune’s senior citizens after learning that almost 17,000 single senior citizens reside in the city.

The original idea had been more to find these people a companion and eventually get them married, so that they wouldn’t be so alone.

However, after the third couple they tried to get married which didn’t go through because of the children, it led him to think of some alternate way, which is how he came upon the idea of a live-in relationship.

As reported by Hindustan Times, Damle said that, “The debacle of the third marriage got me worried and that’s when I read the Supreme Court’s study of live in relationships. I got thinking, young people have much at stake in a live-in, however a senior citizen doesn’t have much to lose. That’s how we started conducting monthly get-togethers and quarterly picnics/trips for senior citizens.” 

It has been reported that this mandal itself has brought about 32 couples together, with some having gotten married, while others are currently in a live-in relationship.

However strange as the concept might sound, that senior citizens are involved in a live-in relationship, it really works out well for them.

With a lot of their kids engaged in their own fast-paced lives, they are unable to give their parents enough time and attention, leading to the latter having a very lonely life.

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How Does It All Work?

The mandal has a very systematic way of organising the whole thing too. Damle has said that, “The single seniors are divided into three age-groups, 55 to 64 are Bal Jyeshtha (child-like old), 65 to 80 are Tarun Jyeshtha (young old), and 80 plus Khare Jyeshtha (really old).”

What this does, according to them is not pair two really diverse age groups which could lead to difficulties.

To be honest, this is a really great concept since it would allow single senior citizens to have a companion or partner that is there with them on a daily basis and drives away their loneliness.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express

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