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Almost 13 years old “Jab We Met” still lives in our heart. The movie is packed with lively and realistic characters. Be it the creepy station master lecturing on girls being “Khuli Tijori” to an intimidating grandfather.

One lovely character was Geet, she was not only her own favourite but also ours. If you have seen “Jab We Met” you know what I am talking about. 

I think we all are like Geet.

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Taking Life Out Of Someone Just By Talking!

Geet can tell her whole life story in one go, and yes that includes repeating every incident at least ten times! 

We all are Talkative Geet sometimes, especially with our close friends.  It can be about new adventures we had, a new friend we made, college stress or even a cute person we saw. We keep talking about every single detail of our life to our BFFs, even if that means repeating an incident 10 times and making their ears gush out blood. If you ask about me, I make my friends close their ears and pretend they are deaf.

Jugadu A.F.

We are the most jugadu we can be, especially when we are late in assignment submission and want to convince the teacher that we did the assignment but left the notebook at home or convincing parents for a Goa trip. We beg with our most innocent face on. 

A Pinch Of Extra Drama

Ever had a crush in your class, tuition or workplace?

 All the BFFs know what extra drama I am talking about. Even if your crush is super trash, you’ll exaggerate every eye contact you had with them and you will make it look like an Indian TV serial “everything stops”  moment even if it was just a “thank you, BYE”.


There are days when you just look in the mirror and go “ugh!” maybe because of a bad hair day or pimple. But we do sometimes admire ourselves for doing literally nothing, just like Geet.

I am my favourite and you should be too in fact, that’s what we should be, always!

Geet was childish, carefree and I bet! so many girls grew up following Geet’s amazing way of living. And if not that, then we all know that one friend who is Geet of the group.

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