Watch: Kashmir In India Has The World’s Only Floating Post Office

A little Venice on the waters of Dal lake in Srinagar

India is credited for being a bizarre place full of eccentricities and nooks that no one would ever find anywhere else in the world. However, all these are far from any negative connotation, because the country is always appreciated for being as ‘incredible’ as its beauty.

Holding this thought, it was rather enthralling for us when we found out that India has its own little Venice on Dal Lake in Kashmir. Already being a country with the largest chain of postal networks, India is also the only country that has a floating post office.

Also known as the ‘lake of flowers,’ the Dal Lake is a serene tourist destination for many. The Floating Post Office embellishes its prestige and is also a popular site for people who live around the lake.

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It won’t be surprising to say that it falls under the essence of what Kashmir calls Kashmiriyat – a cultural term used to refer to traditions and practices that encompass what it means to be from Kashmir.

Without any further ado, go ahead and watch the video to learn more about the history and features of the place.

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