The picturesque valley of Kashmir is much more than what we come across on the news channels every other day. Kashmir holds so much more that is worthy of attention and appreciation than what the rest of India knows.

Pulwama: The Hub Of Pencils 

Pulwama is a district in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

In addition to a number of aesthetic sites, the district is also a hub of factories of varying sizes which prepare pencil slats, the main raw material required for manufacturing pencils.

A popular notion about the Oukoo village of Pulwama is that there is a pencil slat manufacturing unit in almost every house of the village. Hence, it is also popular as ‘the pencil village’.

Pulwama manufactures about 70% of the pencil slats. These pencil slats are then hoarded in bags and sent over to the processing units of Hindustan Pencils, which makes pencils under the renowned brands of Nataraj and Apsara, and is the second biggest pencil manufacturer in the world.

Generation Of Employment 

The local slat manufacturing unit owners take pride in providing livelihood to young girls and boys through their establishments.

They also believe that if the government extends a helping hand and provides them with incentives, they can start full-fledged manufacturing of pencils there only. This will further generate more jobs in the district.

In a report of India Today, Manzoor Ahmad Alai, who is among the first pencil unit-holders of Pulwama, said,

Before the 90’s the companies used to get the wood from China, Germany etc. Then they started taking the wood from here. Slowly we have started doing all the work from here. I am very happy that it is happening here, a lot of people are getting their livelihood.

A report by Hindustan Times suggested that the pencil slat manufacturing industry generates jobs for around 2,000 people. The role of Kashmiri women in these manufacturing units is notable.

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Suitability Of Pulwama

There’s a tree named Poplar that grows only in the wetlands of Pulwama. This tree is used to manufacture pencil slats as its wood contains the exact amount of moisture that is required for making pencils.

The growth of Poplar trees in the district works as a boon for its people.

Initiative Of The Indian Government

To acknowledge the pencil slat manufacturing industry that blooms in Pulwama of Kashmir and to bring it to the notice of the larger public, the Indian government is going to declare it ‘the pencil district of the country’ soon.

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Sources: India Today, Hindustan Times, One India

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  1. Slaughtering of trees in hill forests at large scale, is not a good sign for climate just only for making pencils. Market have other other raw materials available for making these writing instruments.


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