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You can’t be rational and be in love at the same time. At least that is what many celebrated poets feel.

Imtiaz Ali always carries that same poetic frenzy within him and all his works portray different shades of love. Be it Love Aaj Kal or recent days Laila Majnu, Rockstar or our very own Tamasha – his works speak for love. Despite having an immense liking for Tamasha,

I feel Highway is the finest creation of Ali so far. Here I will tell you why:

As a student of literature and political science, I always felt Indian cinema hardly dealt with the stories of people who belong to the working class. Thus, low profile criminals or truck drivers come no way near the limelight and I only can recall a movie named “Chalte Chalte” where Shahrukh Khan played the role of an unrealistic truck driver.

He was cute and sassy throughout and hardly drove any trucks! Thus, the realistic portrayal of the working class in Highway is one of the finest aspects which hardly exists in any other Imtiaz Ali’s movies. Moreover, the differences in lifestyles have been beautifully portrayed in Highway with no exaggeration. That is another reason I like it so much.

Highway is a paradox. This film tells the story of a girl who gets abducted and feels a sense of freedom at the same time. The whole journey of abduction and setting oneself free is remarkable and crafted perfectly.

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Love is the primary essence of Imtiaz Ali movies. Thus the raw and surreal love of Veera and Mahabir shows how small and beautiful our dreams can be, and that love doesn’t know any differences in terms of caste, colour and status.

But the finest part of this movie is there is no happily ever after for Veera and Mahabir.

Their love was short-lived and spontaneous and society, in general, does not approve of such associations.

Thus Mahabir died in the end. But he died as a transformed man and a lover. He didn’t die as a criminal (I saw it as the grace of love). On the other hand, Veera comes out of the relationship as a free woman who is kind and forgiving and strongest in love.

Apart from story-telling and acting, Highway has beautifully composed songs. There was a time around 2014 when I used to listen to Maahi Ve on loop. I do the same with Sooha Saaha even today. 

Ali’s Highway was a risky venture when it came to casting. While Alia Bhatt was only one “Student of the Year” old (that too directed by Karan Johar), Randeep Hooda wasn’t a very familiar name in the mainstream cinema back then. However, their collaborative work made Highway a blockbuster and a movie to cherish forever. 

Highway imbibes the beauty of Kashmir with a well-written plot and marvelous acting. AR Rahman’s music and Imtiaz Ali’s poetic frenzy take it to a different dimension and make it unforgettable.   

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