The recent spate of flight delays across the nation has not spared even celebrities, as actors Radhika Apte, Sonu Sood, and now Richa Chadha, take to social media to share their harrowing experiences.

In a recent tweet, Richa Chadha detailed her ordeal with Indigo, narrating how two of her domestic flights were delayed by four hours each, attributing the chaos to factors like fog in Delhi and the recent air show in Mumbai. However, she also pointed fingers at the ‘lack of accountability’ within the airline industry, echoing sentiments raised by other celebrities who faced similar inconveniences.

Richa Chadha’s Experience

Richa Chadha began her tweet by recounting her three consecutive days of flying, emphasizing the consistent delays she faced with Indigo. She explained that while her international flight on the third day went smoothly, the two domestic flights on the first and second days were both delayed by four hours each.

Richa acknowledged external factors such as the air show in Mumbai and the fog in Delhi, which undoubtedly posed challenges for Indigo. However, she firmly asserted that the ‘lack of accountability’ within the industry played a significant role in the chaos.

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Monopoly and Lack of Accountability

Expressing her concerns, Richa Chadha raised the issue of monopoly within the airline industry, suggesting that it leads to a lack of accountability. She drew attention to the incident of a passenger physically assaulting an Indigo pilot, stating her surprise that more such incidents did not occur given the high tempers among passengers.

Richa Chadha did not condone violence but emphasized the critical need for accountability, whether in airline services, airport ownership, or leadership.

Radhika Apte’s Similar Experiences

Richa Chadha’s tweet follows similar grievances expressed by fellow actors Radhika Apte and Sonu Sood. Radhika, in a social media post, described being locked in an aerobridge for hours at Mumbai airport due to flight delays. She highlighted the lack of information from the airline staff and the distressing conditions faced by passengers, including no access to water or restroom facilities.

The recent wave of celebrities sharing their negative travel experiences sheds light on the challenges faced by common citizens in the wake of nationwide flight delays. Richa Chadha’s tweet not only narrates her personal ordeal but also raises valid concerns about the accountability and efficiency of airlines during such incidents.

As public figures use their platforms to bring attention to these issues, it remains to be seen whether these incidents will prompt improvements in the airline industry’s service and accountability standards.

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