A Reddit post has gone viral on various social media platforms, alleging that a private engineering college in Bangalore is requiring students to pay 2.1% of their salaries as a “Placement Cell Fee.” 

The post, originally shared by user PurpleRageX in the ‘bangalore’ Reddit group, has been widely circulated on social media platforms, including on Twitter. 

What Did The Post Mentioned? 

As per the post, the college allegedly required students who had secured job placements to pay the mentioned fee. The student who shared the post mentioned that the college was withholding her certificates and causing difficulties in her ongoing processes with the company. 

Placement Cell at college is demanding 2.1% of my CTC
byu/PurpleRagex inbangalore

When users inquired about the specific institution, it was revealed to be New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE). However, the college did not provide any official document or circular to substantiate the fee requirement. 

The post stated that the college only informed the student verbally and was pressuring her to make the payment. The student mentioned that the college insisted on receiving 2.1% of the Cost to Company (CTC), however the student is a recent graduate and has not even started earning yet.

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Why Was The College 2.1% Of CTC? 

When questioned about the reason behind the college’s demand for 2.1% of the salary rather than just the first month’s salary, a user provided a possible explanation. The user proposed that by asking for a percentage of the salary, the college could potentially receive a greater amount, taking into account deductions such as taxes that might reduce the actual amount received by the student.

Similar Experience With Previous Batches

The student also claimed that the college had imposed similar fees on previous batches of students who had secured placements with various companies.

Another user shared their experience, stating, “As someone who graduated from here and never sat for placements, I was still made to pay something similar, which the college termed as ‘placement training fee’.”

As of now, the college in question hasn’t released any statement regarding the viral post and the allegations made by the student. 

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