The film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been in hot water since its first clip emerged and the Sudipto Sen-directed and Vipul Amrutlal Shah-produced film is still making news for every little thing.

Despite a lot of protests and claims of how the film was factually not correct, did not have credibility to it and was just fear-mongering it did eventually release to the masses on May 5th, 2023. The film starring Adah Sharma was about 3 Kerala women who were taken in by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) and forced to convert to Islam.

Now, a private Ayurveda college in Karnataka is in controversy after they first posted a circular mandating a screening of the film on Thursday, May 24th but then eventually took it back after a lot of backlash.

What Did The College Do?

On Wednesday, that is May 23rd 2023, the principal of Sri Vijay Mahantesh Ayurvedic College Dr Keshav Das in Karnataka sent out a notice instructing all Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and postgraduate students to watch the film.

The circular mentioned that the students will be watching the film on May 24, from 12-3 pm at the Srinivasa Talkies in Ilkal, located in the Bagalkot district of the state.

The circular stated that “All of you must see the movie,” and that it would be a free screening and that classes would be held only from 9 am to 12 noon on the day with the students being let go early for the day.

After the controversy around the circular Das explained his decision behind the film screening was meant to “convey an important societal message” to the students but also the screening was not mandatory and no student would be in trouble if they did not attend the screening.

He apologised saying “I have withdrawn the order of asking students to watch the movie. Classes will be conducted as usual. I apologise for issuing a circular to watch the movie and cancellation of classes for the same.”

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Objections Against It

Asif Hunasagi, the Ilkal unit president of the Students Islamic Organisation of India, also showed public objection against the circular and proposed screening of the film, asking for it to be withdrawn. As per him the film was spreading a false narrative of a certain community and inciting communal hatred.

As soon as people got to know of such a notice and screening taking place, Jagruta Nagarikaru Karnataka a citizens’ organisation, wrote a letter against it to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah complaining about the college and what they were trying to do. They wrote that “Our question is what is the need to show the controversial and hate-mongering movie The Kerala Story for free, when it is full of false details.”

In the letter, they added that while they understood the cinema industry however the impact this film was making should be taken into consideration.

The letter signed by many people like Kannada authors K Marulasiddappa and SG Siddaramayya, educator Niranjanaradhya VP and more asked the state government to take legal action against the organisation so they could not hold future screenings of the film.

The notice, however, it seems was withdrawn after some people tried to protest against it and complained. As per the principal “The notice was withdrawn around 11.30 pm. Students did not attend the screening, and attended their afternoon classes as usual.”

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