Students of Indraprastha College for Women (IPCW) under Delhi University complained that a few men tried to climb up the walls and enter the campus, shouting slogans and harassing the pupils.

IPCW Incident In Detail

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, students at Delhi University’s Indraprastha College for Women lodged an official complaint against some men who scaled the campus boundaries and harassed several students during the college’s annual fest.

The female students also complained that they were asked to vacate the college premises by the authorities and police but that no immediate action was taken against the trespassers.

According to reports, seven individuals have been taken into police custody. DCP Sagar Singh Kalsi said, “There was an excess crowd of students near the college gate.

Around 3 pm, some overzealous students started making a hurried entry to the college and in the process, there was heavy pressure on the gates. Some students fell down and some of them got injured. A case has been registered in the matter and seven people have been detained. The matter is under investigation.”

One of the students volunteering at the annual college function alleged, “The college administration had informed us beforehand that student volunteers would have to handle the crowd and no extra security would be provided.

While the gates were supposed to shut at 4 pm, around 3:30 pm, the crowd began to swell and became difficult for us to manage. The crowd barged in and even broke the gate.”

The volunteer further added, “During the ruckus, there was a stampede-like situation and several students got injured. Some inebriated men were pushing and harassing the students. It was absolute chaos on the premises.”

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Viral Videos And Photos

A former student of IPCW named Anjali, who is also the unit secretary at the All India Students’ Association (AISA), shared videos and photos of the incident on Twitter, where one man can be seen trying to climb the university walls and four others are standing nearby. One video also reveals the police asking the students to leave the college grounds.

Anjali wrote, “Today, IPCW’s fest was going when drunk men climbed the walls, forcefully entered the campus, and harrassed gender minorities. Men were chanting ‘Miranda IP dono hamara’ (Miranda House and Indraprastha College both are ours)”, ‘Miranda nahi chhoda to IP bhi nahi chhodenge’ (We didn’t leave Miranda, we won’t leave IP either).”

Miranda House Incident

During Diwali last year, on October 14, 2022, a similar commotion occurred in DU’s Miranda House College, where several men had climbed down the institution’s walls and yelled slogans, causing great disturbance to the students.

Student’s Reaction

A second-year student named Anuska studying at IPCW, claimed, “I saw men trying to climb the walls because they were not allowed to enter. They were shouting slogans saying that our college belongs to them.

It is our space and they enter it and act like they own it. There was a lot of pushing and it almost felt like a stampede. It felt very unsafe.”

Another student commented, “Miscreants entered the IPCW fest today and harassed several women students, injuring one. Delhi Police has simply escorted the goons out. We demand their immediate arrest.”

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