Menstruation is an important aspect about women’s lives and health. Beginning from as young as 10 years to 50 years of age a woman menstruates. Hence it becomes important that girls at a young age get to know menstruation and what their bodies go through every month. 

However, Florida may ban students from learning about periods.  

About The Law

A bill is doing rounds in the Florida House which, if passed, will ban discussions on topics like menstrual cycles and sexuality in grades 6th to 12th. Now, this poses a question that whether girls who will get periods in the 5th grade be allowed to talk about it. 

To this, Republican Representative Stan McClain responded, “It would.” Other than this, the bill allows parents to raise objections in case they find any topic taught in school as “inappropriate”. 

Republican Representative Stan McClain

The bill will also require schools to teach the students that a person’s sexuality identity is determined biologically at birth and set up more scrutiny of certain educational materials by the state Department of Education. 

What Is The Aim Of The Bill? 

McClain said that the bill’s intent is to bring uniformity to sex education across all Florida’s schools and provide parents an opportunity to object to books or other materials they find inappropriate for younger children. 

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At the committee, state Rep. Ashley Gantt, a Democrat, asked whether teachers could face punishment if they discuss menstruation. To this, McClain responded “that would not be the intent” of the bill and that he is “amenable” to some changes to its language.

What Will Happen If Girls Will Not Talk About Periods? 

It is important that girls get to talk about periods with their peers, teachers, and their parents; or else they won’t learn about the changes that go on in their bodies. 

Also, this might make them search Google for such topics, which can at times be misleading and misinformation about such topics will be ingrained in their minds. Furthermore, if students don’t learn about menstruation, boys might make fun of girls if they get a stain or hesitate from helping girls during their periods. 

Menstruation talks are necessary and don’t only revolve around what are periods, how to take care when you are menstruating, or keeping a track of the menstrual cycle; in fact, it is about sexuality, the changes they go through, and reproduction at large. 

It is pertinent that young students learn about such topics so that in the future they remain informed and thus, make informed decisions. 

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