The president of the queer, gender-fluid students’ union at Mumbai’s esteemed Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) claims that they were prevented from taking part in an event because of their clothing. 

Know The Incident 

As the student union’s delegate, Pratik Permey, who hails from a village in Assam, was invited to the 19th Ambedkar Memorial Lecture. However, they claimed that because they were dressed “inappropriately,” they were denied entry to the event. 

Pratik posted a video on social media detailing what actually transpired during the occasion. In the video, Pratik claimed that after only five minutes of the event, a professor and a few members of the organizing committee informed them that they couldn’t wear such clothing.  

Issue Over The Outfit 

In the video, Pratik said, “I was wearing a blouse and a skirt.” Adding that they feel “humiliated, discriminated against”, they added that their fundamental right to expression was violated. 

Pratik further said, “It is not fine to dictate to someone what they should wear. I felt the outfit I was wearing was representing me in my truest form.”

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They wrote, “What happened to me was wrong! And I want people to really stop speculating and controlling how my body will look in public and private spaces. It is my identity and I will express myself how I want to,” they wrote.” 

What Did TISS’s Official Say? 

While there has been no official reaction from the institution on the matter, a professor from TISS said,  “TISS is known for its inclusive nature with all supportive mechanisms in place for students of all genders and identities to co-exist. If there has been any incident where any student feels discriminated against, we will look into the matter. All students are assured of an inclusive atmosphere on the campus.”

Notably, they claim to be the first queer person to be elected as an SU president in the country. 

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