Priyanka Chopra Jonas is certainly a very unique case where she managed to have a successful and lucrative career in both the Bollywood and Hollywood film industries, something that not many can boast of.

She has also been quite open with her interviews and statements, often causing a few controversies here and there. It is no different then that her appearance on the “Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard” podcast went viral with what all she revealed.

In a freewheeling session clocking in around 2 hours and 30 minutes she spoke about a lot of topics like her relationship with her husband Nick Jonas, the start of it, leaving Bollywood, and much more.

Here are a few things that spoke about:

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Although the podcast was largely applauded for Chopra’s fearless answers and insights into her life and career, one slip-up did get her a lot of mocking, that is calling the SS Rajamouli movie RRR a Tamil film.

When Dax compared Bollywood to Hollywood of the 50s she said “I don’t think you are far from it. I think that was what it was… big studios, five actors… big movies will be made by them; but the game is changed so much now. First of all, it’s streaming. It has given access to so many people who are making content.”

Post this she added that Bollywood has progressed a lot in its history but when Dax mentioned RRR as a Bollywood movie she stated “That’s a Tamil movie by the way. It’s like big, mega, blockbuster Tamil which does all of those… it’s like our Avengers.”

The gaffe in this statement is that RRR is not a Tamil film either, it’s a Telugu film with Tamil being one of the languages it was dubbed in just like Hindi.

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