Life at Delhi University is a jumble of emotions sparked by the numerous activities and sights you encounter on a daily basis. You encounter individuals from various backgrounds, which broadens your perspective on people and consequently changes your outlook on the world.

Being an online student and attending classes in front of my laptop might appear monotonous to some, but DU has never failed to wow its students with a diverse range of possibilities, fun, memories, and more!

Apart from its sky-high cut-offs, stunning lawns, 70+ colleges, and diverse culture, here are some fascinating lesser-known facts about DU that make it unique and special from other universities and colleges. 

1. The Symbiotic Relationship Between DU And Fake News

Notifications after notifications of college reopenings; everyone is sick of the confusing signals that DU sends out, which are allegedly declared fake. After a series of hope, excitement, anger, and depression, we reach up the conclusion and accept the fact that “Dilli Abhi door hai” 

DU is now like a temperamental and moody teenager who releases good news of reopening colleges every time it feels like but defers them until never.

Even in this online mode, when everyone wants to walk about college campuses instead of staying in their rooms, DU has provided a plethora of opportunities for students! Continue reading to find out more.

2. DU And Just Studies? Certainly Not

You’re not declared as a true DUite if you’re not a part of any society or clubs of your college. DU has carved its own niche when it comes to cultural societies, college fests, and everything that students can dream of in college excluding studies. 

Seeking admission in a college where a student can strike the perfect balance between study and fun makes learning naturally exciting for admission seekers.

As long as extracurricular activities help students develop their overall personalities, it is important to make time for self-development that promotes holistic growth and development. And, however, it’s fun to hear that the top colleges in DU have the best functioning societies!

Dramatics, Debate, Dance, Music, Fine-arts are a few of the many societies that DU possesses for its talented students.

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Apart from keeping up with the syllabus, DU is a whole tribe of those students who explore something new each day. You’ll find a Bcom. (Hons) student freelancing here, an economics student coding, and a media student starting up a small business! You’d be surprised what it might accumulate into by the time you finish college. 

3. Online Classes And OBEs: 

Agree or not, DU has one of the most qualified professors in the country. With its vast syllabus and online teaching, the teachers have never failed in giving their best knowledge to their students. 

Keeping in mind the current situation of the pandemic, the University hasn’t made attendance obligatory for its college students and supplied financial waivers for the scholars who genuinely need it. This initiation makes DU, a brand itself. 

Moreover, the online exam season in DU is the best facility that it provides to its students, which is the Open Book examinations. Though sometimes, the questions seem tough and lengthy, it’s mostly easy to find answers and score good grades if you’re thorough with the book. 

4. The Eternal Wish Of Going To The College: 

With each day of the graduation years passing by, every student of Delhi University can relate to how tough it is to spend your days away from your dream college and attending those lectures which never really seem to peep inside your heads. 

Eating Tom Uncle’s Maggi after college, Missing classes and chilling in the lawns, lurking at Hudson Lane, Organising your college events by disorganizing your sleep schedule, street shopping at Sarojini, and finally ending your day with momos and Sudama Chai, all this will be missed by the current batch.

Now you understand why DU is an emotion, right? All the best for your admissions!

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