Natural perfumes have become the new talk of the town! If saying this makes it count, the organic fragrances by brands like Adiveda Natural account for being the refreshing aspects of the global craze for naturalness among the consumers. The discussions about how they impact the world of perfumery have reached a quite obvious mark where we had to focus on it in-depth with the head perfumer of the brand, Ms Nisha Singh, herself. And, yes, Singh agreed to decipher it all for us.

Undeniably, the coronavirus pandemic has promoted this movement, bringing out its transparencies, to begin with. However, the other essential aspect it focused on was stepping into a better and healthier world of fragrances. Navigated by ethics, environment-friendliness, and wellness, Adiveda Natural has befriended the consumer choices and delivered the best to date! While interacting with Ms Nisha, we got our facts right. Here is what followed.

Say Natural, Believe In Naturalness, Live With Natural Ingredients

If you do not believe in what you sell, how will you make your customers rely on such products? And, Ms Singh stands by this fact. To her, the trend of ‘natural perfumes’ is “profoundly significant because it amplifies the human longing for authentic, safe-to-use, healthy, organic perfumes and alcohol-free experiences.”  Further, Adiveda Natural justifies the unjustified beliefs that quote nature as the safest and the healthiest over our modern world of perfumery filled with chemicals.

Reality Of A 100% Natural Perfume

Not everything would have a definition. And, thus, you will not find an official definition of what an organic perfume is. Of course, other than a few ISO standards. Moreover, to get classified as 100% organic perfumes should comprise only natural raw ingredients alongside isolates, minus any additional element or compound procured from chemistry. To Nisha, well, she goes a step ahead – “A 100% natural fragrance should be handcrafted as a whole, consisting of a variety of pure organic materials that have not been made to undergo any chemical transformation. And, the scents should stand free from any additives, fillers, or colourants.” In other words, the sheer absence of any chemical transformation in the development process of the material is the key.

Can Composing A Natural Perfume Become Tricky? Or Display Creativity?

While some perfumers acknowledge and believe that the process of manufacturing natural colognes displays innovation and exploration, the exercise comes across as a costly and challenging one. The brand owner and head perfumer of Adiveda Natural throws light on the same, “To perfumers like us, crafting all-natural fragrances proves to be an exciting challenge. While the creation may sound complicated, it is supremely captivating and stimulating. And, you can undeniably get super creative with a natural cologne. You can very much reinvent the perfume notes and accords. In the world of mature, creativity and technology drive the market players.”

But, Making An Organic Scent Requires Real Brainstorming

When we just explained how creative one could get while manufacturing natural colognes, the process is a true brainteaser. Nisha explains, “For instance, as a perfumer, my palette gets more or less confined to 150-300 ingredients or essential oils. Moreover, this also depends on the lab size. However, considering the pros and cons of the activity, our perfumes fall under the scope of some complex regulations. Plus, the sourcing, production, extraction do come at an additional cost.” What we have deciphered is that some of these materials can be difficult to work. Additionally, the success of any perfume composition depends on its promises of delivering harmony, durability, diffusion and other factors. And, of course, it should smell good and last long! All-in-all, with experienced and adapted perfumers like Ms Singh, it is a possibility to level up the creativity and power of natural perfumery at par with ‘conventional’ perfumery, which requires work, time and perseverance.

What Does The Future Hold For Adiveda Natural?

Ms Nisha speaks categorically on this. “All-natural perfumes for major brands with huge volumes shall fluctuate from one year to the next due to access to limited resources from mother nature.  While we procure our natural perfumes from natural resources, we make sure to plant plenty of trees and shrubs. If you take something from someone, learn to give back more. Harvests too require work, care, and attention!” Adiveda Natural is synonymous with intimate perfumery. Their bestselling fragrances include Musc D’or EDP for men, Eleanor EDP for women, and Revive Unisex EDP for men and women. The brand focuses on every creation as one meant for personal use over worrying about the performance of their products. The challenge is no longer the manufacturing of natural perfumes. It is about creating responsible natural ones instead.

Well, we believe that the future of natural perfumery lies in great hands. Adiveda Natural has made natural, non-alcoholic perfumes the new niche and specialization both! Well, we bank on inventiveness and know-how to show how unique and promising their job is of industry players and perfumers such as Ms Nisha Singh.


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