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Students of all ages, in school, college and other spaces are often burdened with a ton of work. Either in the form of assignments or papers, exams or some kind of homework.

These tasks have to be done and submitted on specified dates within given time periods. While a lot of people believe that deadlines are oppressive and put a lot of undue pressure on people, I think that deadlines are actually important.

These deadlines aren’t simply restricted to assignments and homework but are a part of daily life. Bills, presentations, applications among other things are all time-bound.

Here’s why I think deadlines are important:

They help increase productivity

Contrary to popular belief that deadlines are pressure-inducing and ultimately lead to nervous breakdowns, I think on the flipside they actually help you increase your productivity.

Having a time-bound goal helps to retain focus and the added pressure of meeting the deadline enhances the quality of work. From personal experience, I can say that deadlines have helped me produce some great work.

Deadlines help you create a work ethic

Struggling to meet a deadline, not having done prior study or research can be sources of reality check. Knowing that you have a deadline will motivate you to actually work towards meeting it in the proper fashion.

Regretting not meeting a certain deadline, is perhaps the only push that is required to bring about that work ethic.

Deadlines help in time management

As students, we have a ton of things to do, including balancing a social life with college/school work. The realisation that work has to be done in a given amount of time helps to improve time management skills.

In order to finish a given project, you need to first divide the work in the given time frame. Then perhaps according to a schedule, complete the project with the desired level of dedication and commitment, this would automatically lead to time management.

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Self satisfaction and a sense of responsibility

What does it feel like after you have just submitted a 5000-word paper, 5 minutes before the deadline? Relieved? Satisfied? Proud of yourself? A little bit of all three.

It gives us a weird sense of achievement and satisfaction that we’re unburdened by one less thing. It also instills a peculiar feeling of responsibility.

De-stressing after finishing the given work is a feeling that is indescribable.

Push for procrastinators

As student millennials, we all procrastinate, for even the little things. We’re either distracted by social media or a tv series or are simply lazy to lift our butts up.

What a deadline does, is push you to meet your goals. No matter how much time you waste before, at least a day or two before the deadline, you’ll work like a machine to finish the task at hand.

The concept of having a deadline might seem like a major bummer, but it can actually be a tool for self growth and learning.

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