Disclaimer: Originally published in May 2019. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

Horror films in India weren’t always as bad.

Yes, they generally had a vibe of monotony to them in terms of story-line and concept but there have been some pretty decent horror films in the recent past.

Yeah. No. I’m only being nice. Horror films in India are 99% crap.

Speaking of which, here’s an oldie from 2015: Four Horror Flicks to Rob You of Sleep (Swear to God, no click-bait)

Let’s take a little history lesson first about horror films in India:

The Ramsay brothers have had quite a reputation of producing and directing some of the most ridiculous horror films over the years.

Their cliche trends used were passed down by some inexplicable force (I suspect it’s an “atma”) to the modern days with slightly better (by Bollywood standards) special effects and CGI.

But coming to modern days, the problem doesn’t end at cliche antics such as “the woman in white”, a rogue spirit with a serious case of hormones, a really well constructed haunted house, etc.

Indian Horror Films

The problem is far greater.

And the main problem with Indian horror films is as follows:

We don’t know where to draw the line between a normal, “masala” Bollywood movie or a scary AF horror movie.

The idea of glamorous dance sequences, sleazy sex scenes and cheap item numbers finds itself deeply entrenched in almost every big-budget (by Indian standards) horror movies.

Now, I get it. Let’s not try and bash the movies entirely and look for positives. But to be fair, there aren’t a lot of positives when movies like Ragini MMS 2 are our idea of horror movies in 2010s.

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