With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cars are being self-driven, robots are beginning to do household chores, and more importantly, machines even gauge the feelings of humans upon interaction. 

What Are The Things AI Can Do? 

Although when I list the things that AI of the current world can do, it may not seem much. Things like reading, writing, seeing, smelling, hearing and understanding are everyday tasks that it does. 

That’s not all, AI can play games too, and learn while doing so. Recent advancements took chess out of the equation and factored in Poker. If you think that is astounding, there is more. 

Artificial Intelligence is just data in action…

AI can master creative processes, thereby making visual art, poetry, music and even photography. Google AI even made its own “AI Child” which works more efficiently than its human counterparts.

Furthermore, it can read and predict your brain signals and interpret them to create speeches. It is all impressive and unnerving at the same time, for it may mean the dawn of robotic civilization. 

AI Still Has Shortcomings

With all the crazy breakthroughs, AI does have certain things it falls short of. AI is nothing without training and that training requires a lot of data. And when I say a lot, I mean, A LOT of data. However, this data is biased by humans because no human is perfect, so in turn, the AI will not be unbiased. 

Computers powered by AI are not subjective but objective in their choices and preferences, which makes it dependant on humans to make sure that the final choice is desirable.

The computing time for the entire process of training the AI, removing biases, and storing the said data does cost a lot to maintain AI research and development. 

Artificial Intelligence will never be equal to Human Intelligence

The shortcomings are bound to be there, for humans in themselves are flawed. In a recent finding, the Hungarian language, which is deemed to be gender-neutral, wasn’t so when translated. It had sexist translations with normalised behaviour of preconceived gender roles when translated to English. 

AI Cannot Replace Everything

In an ideal scenario, AI does not have any biases. It crunches the numbers, it spits the results and acts on them. In a way, it is a ruthless decision maker that does not take into account any empathy or instinct, or a behaviour that shows that people can change.

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This is the exact reason why AI cannot be a lawyer, or a Human Resource Officer, or even a teacher. These jobs require the adaptive curve to change, the instinct to know beyond numbers and what is seen. 

AI cannot accommodate being a sportsperson, for the very point of having sports is to defy the human body’s limits. Without all the hard work and the grind, it does not make sense. 

Another thing that AI does not have is compassion, empathy and faith, ergo, a machine can never be a religious preacher. No person would listen or take spiritual advice from something that does not have compassion or a belief. 

AI can only do so much to make our lives easier

In the medical world, AI cannot be surgeons. Although there is a degree of automation, there always has to be a surgeon overseeing the machine in question.

Similarly, it cannot be a therapist as well. To be a therapist, one needs to find cues that might be very subtle and every experience has to be trained to the AI, which is utterly impossible.

The same experience might inflict different traumas on different people, so it isn’t exactly rocket science, but rather a hit and trial method of hitting the nail on the head. 

Since our nation is in a political Zugzwang, it must be noted that AI cannot be politicians. A machine that does not care will not pay heed to people’s needs or become a voice for their needs. It will keep crunching numbers. Similarly, it cannot be a CEO, as AI cannot demonstrate leadership. 

Lastly, AI cannot be magicians, for magicians need to be deceptive and AI is nothing like that.

To sum up, AI cannot be anything that requires qualities unique to humans like:

  • Teachers
  • Lawyers and Judges
  • Human Resource Officers
  • Surgeons
  • Therapists
  • Religious/Cult Leaders
  • CEO’s
  • Magicians

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  1. This writer is missing the potential of AI, what it can do and what it is going to do 50 or more years from now.
    Either we humans simply won’t be needed or it will far surpass us in every aspect of human existence.
    Vision of the future, my friend…remove your blinders…


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